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LTM produces filter systems for various applications and consumer products for foundries, making use of modern and innovative manufacturing plants, some of which are of its own production.

Filters for foundries

Filters for foundries are produced in wire cloth, expanded metal and knitted mesh, as well in single unit as assembled, in numerous materials (low carbon and galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium, in different sizes and features).

Filters for plastics

We produce filters for the filtration of plastics, both for recycling and for extrusion, in various types of materials, both in single unit and assembled.

Filters for other applications

We produce various types of filters for a multitude of sectors: automotive, motorcycle, air, water, gas, oil, design, sanitary, agriculture, food.

Casting bushes and tubes in aluminium titanate

Bushes and tubes in titanate, which is a ceramic material ideal for use in aluminium foundries, given its excellent resistance to thermal shocks, the absence of infiltration with non-ferrous metals, resistance to corrosion and low thermal expansion coefficient.

Calcium silicate bushings

We produce casting bushes and many other items in several refractory materials, from calcium silicate to titanate.

Knitted mesh

We produce knitted mesh, both in round and flattened wire, common or crimped, from carbon to galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Ceramic Foam Filters

Ceramic foam filters are used in metallurgical plants, foundries and more and more often in the field of air purification.


We produce gaskets in refractory material (paper, eco-friendly blanket, bio-soluble fibre, ceramic fibre, graphite) in single unit or multilayer, using different materials and thicknesses.

Copper pistons for die-casting

Copper pistons for die casting, available in CuNiSi (Copper, Nickel, Silicon) and CuBeCo (Copper, Beryllium, Cobalt) offering high performance in terms of durability and mechanical resistance.

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